Almost there…to the end of my 1st trimester, that is

20 01 2012

Today, I am at 12 weeks and 2 days!  I finally feel recovered from Winter Camp.  I will say this, I never want to experience camp with high schoolers in my 1st trimester again.  The high schoolers themselves were awesome!  But the busy schedule and lack of sleep made it for a very difficult camp.  I got probably 16-18 hours of sleep the whole 3 day weekend, and the next day, I got 14 hours of sleep.  So it was really intense.  I have never felt so tired in my entire life.  I was seriously falling asleep during worship!  Every time I closed my eyes in prayer or worship I would start sleeping.  That’s never happened to me before, so it was an interesting experience.

I finally am almost caught up on chores.  I have to take it a day at a time, and I often don’t accomplish all that I want to do in one day.  My biggest struggle right now is back pain.  I really need to start a stretching routine before my back gets really kinked out.  I’ll probably start investing in a massage once the 2nd tri hits.

Needless to say, James has been an enormous help to me.  Even this week when he had a cold, he has helped with chores and grocery shopping.  He’s seriously a champ!

James and I had planned on going to Vancouver, BC for a fun business trip that involved going to see the US Women’s Soccer Team play in the Olympic qualifiers.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel that trip, as traveling as already been hard on my body (namely my bladder!).  For those of you that know me well, I have a small bladder and being pregnant makes it even harder!  So we are going to limit our traveling.  We also recognized that I have traveled 4 times in the past 3 months, so we decided to take a break and stay home for this one.

One exciting thing is this week we got to see baby again on the ultrasound!  We had our 1st trimester screening, which involves tests for down syndrome.  But honestly, I just wanted to see my baby again haha.  My baby is beautiful and healthy.  Many of you have seen some pictures from that and I am amazed at the clarity.

Right now, I’m not quite showing my baby bump but mostly look like I ate lots of food over the holidays.  I also have put away my clothes than don’t fit me anymore, and I’ll hopefully whip those out post pregnancy some time.  I so far have two SF giants maternity shirts, so I’m pretty stoked.  Maybe I’ll go to a Giants game in the spring sometime.  Annnnyways, that’s life!




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