13 weeks today!

25 01 2012

Today is 13 weeks!  Depending on the source, it means I am entering my 2nd trimester!  After 12 weeks, the risk of miscarriage is greatly reduced, which is fantastic.  I saw my healthy baby at 12 weeks on the ultrasound, so I’m not worried about anything.

According to my baby bump app, my baby’s body will start catching up to its head, which is larger at this point.  My baby’s motor skills are starting to work and they can flex arms and legs!  Friends of mine have said they have felt movement this early, and it can sometimes feel like a gas bubble.  This morning, I may have felt some movement!  I was really paying attention to the feeling, and it was very different than a gas bubble and on my left side.  Felt like a little “pop”.  So I am just assuming it’s my hyper kid.  Haha.

Right now, the baby is measuring around 2.9 inches and the size of a peach!  I have my 2nd dr appointment in just over two weeks.  We had to reschedule it to be later than the “4 weeks in between appt” because the dr was going to be out of town for 2 weeks.  But I am not worried.  Getting to see my baby at the 1st tri screening was assuring.  And we got the results back and the results look great as I figured they would.

I am slowly getting more energy.  On Monday, I was able to get chores done, cook a big dinner, work out, and play board games.  The next couple days though, I have been super tired.  But I’ll take one or two energy days a week over feeling tired all the time.  Currently, fatigue is my most common symptom.  I’ll have an upset stomach here and there, but after drinking alot of water and tums, I always get better.

I know pregnancy has changed me when I have an option to have free coffee and instead I drink water.  I have no desire at all for coffee, but do miss the energy boost.  The most caffeine that my body likes is about 50 mg, which is what’s in a vitamin water energy.  I’ll have that or an iced tea very occasionally.  Mostly I just drink water and sometimes orange juice with my breakfast.  That’s different too.  I used to love flavored beverages of all kinds, but now all I really want to drink is water.  I’ve realized pregnancy really shows your body what you should and shouldn’t eat.  I’ve also tried to avoid alot of dairy, even lactose free dairy, as my body does not like it.  I’ll have a cheddar cheese sandwich here and there but I try not to eat alot.  So I’ve been getting my calcium in other ways such as tums and supplemented orange juice.  As for my vitamins, I got sick of the prenatal gummies quickly.  Even the thought of them turns my stomach.  So right now, I’ve been having flinstones chewables, as it’s the only vitamin that my body likes right now.  When I have my dr appt, I’ll ask her if it’s okay to keep taking those or if she has another recommendation.  I figure as long as I am getting folic acid and calcium, I should be good for the most part, especially if I am eating healthy already.

Tomorrow is my birthday, which is pretty fun.  I’ll be 24, which seems like a good “mom” age.  I’m even gonna go laser tagging on Saturday with friends.  Gotta get my kid started early on the cool hobbies.  Another big thing that’s changed is I really have little desire to play video games by myself.  Sure, I’ll play just dance or halo with friends, but to sit at my computer and play for a couple of hours just doesn’t sound fun.  I think part of it is my back hurts, and sitting at a computer for a few hours isn’t going to help.  I think God is preparing me for not having free time to play video games, so I won’t be addicted to them once the baby comes.

Alot of people in the church are either just having babies or just getting pregnant.  I swear there is something in the air.  The young marrieds group that James and I are apart of is full of young parents and young parents to be now.  I think the parents outnumber the nonparents in our group now.  I look forward to alot of playdates!  It’s exciting knowing so many young mothers from church, and it will be cool to have that community.

I haven’t started taking pics of my baby bump yet, because there’s not much of one.  I am hoping within the next week or so I’ll “pop out”.  I still look like I gained alot of weight in a short amount of time, but thankfully everyone that knows me knows I’m pregnant.  I just can’t wait until I look pregnant, just because it will be more real I suppose.  Anyways, this is a long post and I’ll be surprised if you are still reading it, so yeah, thanks for reading it and hearing my thoughts.





One response

1 02 2012

Of course I was still reading it towards the end! I’m enjoying your updates – thanks for sharing your experience with us! (((hugs)))

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