15 weeks, baby bump more evident!

9 02 2012

It really seems like my baby bump has popped out in like the last 24 hours…James was even commenting on that fact, especially me wearing a tank top.  It’s definitely exciting, and I have the stretch marks to prove it.

Today I reach 15 weeks!  My baby is now 4 inches long and 2.5 oz, which makes it about the size of an navel orange!  My baby can know make use of his/her joints and arms and legs are moving…hoping I feel some real movement soon!  Apparently, at this age the baby can start hiccuping which is pretty sweet.  I have another dr’s appointment on Friday and I have some questions to ask her, such as “Is Passion Tea Lemonade okay to drink?”  I have been craving it lately, but I read it has some herbs that may not be good for pregnancy.

Right now I feel more energy but I have been getting a few headaches here and there.  I am hoping my blood pressure isn’t going up again, since last appt it was on the low end, so it seems unlikely.  Guess I will find out on Friday.  Main thing right now is my joints are popping like crazy!  It’s due to a hormone called relaxin which loosens the joints and ligaments in preparation for childbirth.  So it’s funny that whenever I get into bed or get out of a chair, it’s snap, crackle, pop.  James is always like “holy cow!”  Haha.

Today was sort of an unusual day.  It started off normal with Pilates, going out to lunch and the like.  Then a raging headache hit me for the whole afternoon.  As I was just recovering, I noticed a “drip drip drip” sound coming from the hallway.  After further inspection, I noticed that our ceiling is dripping water!  I immediately said “oh this isn’t good” and called James who then called maintenance.  Thankfully they came in a few short minutes.  Investigating, they found that the upstairs apartments had overflowed their bathtub…go figure.  After 5 or so hours, it finally has dried up and they are coming tomorrow to inspect the damage.

After all this happened, my headache FINALLY went away and it was time for youth group.  However, things didn’t go as expected there either.  Right as youth group began, the power went out!  It was crazy.  Thankfully, we were still able to pray for a Prairie HS student’s family and friends who had committed suicide.  Very sad.  Alot of our students knew him, so they were very downcast.  Many of them prayed outloud which was powerful.  After praying, the power was gonna stay out for awhile so we had to cancel youth group.  Needless to say, it was a very weird day!

Not much else to say…but here is my baby bump at 15 weeks!!!





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