16 weeks!

15 02 2012

Today marks 16 weeks!  My baby is now 4.6 inches long and 3.4 oz!  That’s roughly the size of an avocado!  Yum guacomole.  Anyways, my baby can actually start hearing my voice due to the tiny bones forming in the ear.  That’s pretty rad.  My baby is growing eye lashes, eye brows, and hair!  I wonder if he/she will be a redhead?

Currently, my worst symptoms are headaches and lightheadedness.  This did worry me, but after talking with my doctor, she said this was perfectly normal.  For headaches, she said, “take tylenol with a cup of coffee.”  I told her the tylenol didn’t help much, and she said tylenol with caffeine should help plenty.  Also, I got a cold yesterday!  I was bound to get one, as it seems like EVERYONE around here is sick.  Thankfully, it’s pretty minor so far, just trying to rest up so it doesn’t get worse.  Also big thing is forgetting what I was going to say!  This happens multiple times a day and is quite entertaining for James.  Or I will go into a room and completely forget why I was even there.  Somehow though, I’ve been able to dominate at strategy board games lately, despite my extreme forgetfulness.

So despite all the headaches and lightheadness, I’ve still been able to maintain my social life!  James and I played board games with people all weekend (literally every night), which was fun but pretty exhausting, especially our 7 hour board game event on Saturday, which went until 1:30.  But I won as a renegade!  So I was happy.

I had my doctor’s appointment on Friday, and everything went very well. My blood pressure is normal and my weight gain has slowed, which my dr was happy about.  We also scheduled my anatomy screening for March 13th!  So given that my baby is in the right position, we’ll be able to find out the gender.  Very exciting!!!

I guess there’s not much else to report!  I don’t have a picture of my baby bump right now, mainly cause I am sick and I’m not exactly in a good photogenic state right now.  But, I will likely take a picture tomorrow and post it right here (and on facebook).





One response

18 02 2012

Oops iPhone fail. Can’t wait for march 13th and hope you feel better soon!

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