17 weeks! And house shopping!

22 02 2012

Today marks 17 weeks!  I am really failing at taking pictures of my bump…mainly because I do these blogs when I am unshowered…

Anyways, I am now 17 weeks along!  My baby is now 5.1 inches long and about 5.9 oz!  That’s about the size of an onion!  My baby’s bones are starting to harden and my baby is getting more fat on his/her body to prepare for the outside world.

This week, I have felt much better, considering I was sick with a cold last week.  The biggest thing this week is that James and I started house shopping!  We started this past weekend, and it has been a whirlwind from there.  So far, we’ve seen 4 houses (if you count model homes), and hundreds online.  We finally have been meeting with a realtor, which has been helpful/stressful at the same time.

One big thing that we hadn’t considered (but do now), is the fact that we can have a house built in just a few months.  We checked out a new housing dev. in Ridgefield, and after seeing the model home, were very intrigued.  Then we got to see the base model for the size we want in our price range (as they had just sold an already built one that morning).  After we found out they could build it in just a couple of months (since it’s a semi custom home), we started to feel more interested.  Now, Ridgefield wasn’t a location we were considering much, but now, after seeing many houses online, it’s seems like more and more an awesome option.  Another thing is we would get to customize alot, such as the kitchen, floors, paint, carpet, and wiring such as surround sound.  That really sounds awesome and we should be able to do it in our price range.

My parents are of course, pushing for us to live in Ridgefield.  Makes sense, considering I’ll have a newborn here soon and the grandparents are going to love to visit.  We’ll still only be 15 min from James’ parents too, so it wouldn’t be a huge change.  In any case, after spending some time at lava java yesterday (best coffee shop in the vancouver metro area), I fell in love with Ridgefield all over again (not that I ever disliked it).  Just being able to sit in a coffee shop, talk to the barista I’ve known for several years, and not have the soccer moms running in and out at Mach 3 speed, is just such a breathe of fresh air.  Ridgefield has a slower pace, people are more concerned about…well, other people, then cruising through fred meyer at the fastest rate possible or just getting their triple venti soy lattes before they hit off 3 sports practices for their kids.  Is that me being cynical about Salmon Creek life?  Yes…yes it is.  But in reality, if we could find a comparable house in Salmon Creek, that would be fantastic (as it is a great location), but it’s just…there isn’t much for sale over here in our price range.

Anyways…all in all, house shopping is a CRAZY process, but we are thankful that we are doing it now…not when we are sleep deprived, new parents.

So all in all, things are going well, and on March 13th, we (hopefully) get to find out the sex of our baby! Can’t wait.




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