18 weeks! and Happy Leap Day!

29 02 2012

Good morning and happy leap day!  It’s always sort of cool to have a date where it only occurs every four years…like the olympics or something.  Anyways, today marks 18 weeks!  That means I am very close to my half way point, which is uber exciting!

Right now, my baby is about the size of a sweet potato!  Mmm sweet potato fries.  Tasty.  Anyways, my baby is 5.6 inches long and 6.7 oz.  My baby is rapidly growing, which is probably why I feel hungry like every few hours.  My baby’s bones are continuing to harden, including the inner ear, which means my baby can hear my heart beating and stomach growling.  Also, my baby is moving around with all his/her limbs and I do feel like I have been feeling my baby more.  The other day, I definitely thought I felt a fist.

My symptoms have been pretty good lately.  Last week, I struggled with headaches, but this week, I’ve been doing well.  The main difference is I have been having a half cup of coffee every morning, and that seems to be taking away the headaches.  My doctor is the one who actually encouraged me to drink more coffee (before I was only having caffeine every few days and was having headaches).  Anyways, today I had an eye appointment and I get a new pair of lenses here soon.  The eye dr was concerned about my headaches, considering I have optic disc drusen, which is globs of protein in the eye.  Because of headaches, the drusen, and being pregnant, they want to double check that I don’t have idiopathic intracranial hypertension, which basically means pressure in the eye.  This can occur because of rapid weight gain which occurs because of pregnancy.  So they want to double check stuff and I have a vision field test, which tests my peripheral vision.  If that is strained, then they may do an MRI to see of that pressure of the eye is present and how severe it is.  I am not too worried at this point, as my only symptom is headaches and I haven’t had those in a couple of days.  My eye dr is just being extra careful, especially with being pregnant.  The field test appt isn’t until March 20th, so it’s obviously not some urgent thing.

In any case, it’s less than 2 weeks until the BIG APPOINTMENT.  So excited!  It will be an awesome day.  Also, I don’t like my eyes being dilated, it weirds me out.  That is all.




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