19 weeks! and chocolate chip cookies

8 03 2012

Today marks 19 weeks!  Which means that I am very close to halfway through my pregnancy.  My baby is now 6.0 inches and 8.5 oz!  That’s about the size of a mango!  Right now my baby is developing a protective coating over his/her skin and currently working on the 5 senses!

Not too many changes with me, except for growing baby bump and sometimes swollen ankles.  I am still getting headaches, and sometimes it takes awhile for them to go away.  My back has been feeling pretty great lately, which I think is from Pilates and stretching throughout the week.  That’s been helping sooo much!  We are going to try 2x a week and see how that goes.  Just excited that I will be in decent shape for the baby.

I am feeling my baby ALOT lately, and right now, my baby really enjoys sitting right on top of my bladder…which of course makes for those sudden urges!  But all in all, most of the movement has been very exciting!  And sometimes distracting when trying to sleep :).

People have been asking me everyday whether I know the gender of my baby yet.  Thankfully, it’s less than 1 week now!  So the waiting is almost over.  I will be posting the gender on here next week, but I won’t be posting any names yet.  It will be so awesome to start planning my nursery more seriously as I know my baby’s gender.  And also for clothes buying as well!

One HUGE decision James and I made this past weekend was to build a house!  We are doing it in a new housing development in Ridgefield called Pioneer Canyon.  They  have homes in there already with more and more open lots being filled up.  We are very excited and once we receive the final floor plans, I’ll post them on here.  The approx finish date is mid-May with closing May 31st. James thinks it’ll be closer to mid-June move in, but I am hoping for the beg of June.  This means that I can’t decorate my nursery until then, but exciting thing is I will be able to have the contractors paint the nursery before I even move in!  Which is very awesome.  It was a big decision for us, but one that we are very excited about.  It’s definitely a buyer’s market right now, and we were shocked we could get a new house in our price range in a good time frame (before the baby comes).  I will post updates on that as well throughout the weeks and it will be cool to see our house slowly get built up.

Well, that’s life right now.  Pretty chaotic with house stuff but mostly awesome.  And I really like fresh chocolate chip cookies right now. Yum.




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