The Big Day! Boy or girl? Just a few more hours!

13 03 2012

Today is the big day!  I get to find out if my baby is a boy or girl!  This is the question people have been asking me everyday for the past month or so.  “Do you know the gender yet?”  “Not yet…a month from now…3 weeks…2 weeks….etc” and now it’s finally here!  Last night it was hard falling asleep because I was so excited!  It’s just like Christmas!  (well it did lightly snow this morning…).  In any case, worries of the “drink 32 oz of water before appt” and having to deal with a full bladder also kept me up.  But I realized that I just have to drink as much as I can, and not get myself into a panic because that will not be a good idea.  So I plan on drinking that water, and using iPad games to full distract me!  Worked well yesterday…

I will post later tonight with the results, but I just felt like writing so I could get my excitement out!  Also, the sun is shining through after 3 days of stormy, windy, wet, cold weather!  Personally I think that’s because my dad is out of town… (We have a running joke that it’s only rainy in San Diego when dad is in town, and now we say it up here in WA as well).

Here are some pictures of me and baby bump!  Sorry, I have been slacking!  Every time I post it’s right after Pilates class and I am uber sweaty.  So here they are!





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13 03 2012

So excited for you! And LOVE your shirt! :o)

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