20 weeks and a healthy boy

14 03 2012

Today marks 20 weeks, a big milestone as it is the halfway point!  And now that we know that our baby is a healthy growing BOY, it also means going shopping for clothes and starting our registry!

Baby boy is now the size of a cantalope and about 10.2 oz.  He is also 6.5 inches long!  So he’s getting there. Baby boy is developing his tastebuds and now swallowing ounces of amniotic  fluid.

Right now, I don’t have many symptoms except things I am used to like itchy belly, gas, heartburn, and slight headaches.  I am mostly feeling well though!  I amazingly did not gain any weight since my last appointment, but since I have a healthy baby, my dr isn’t worried.  She just said to keep eating what I am eating and not try to lose weight or gain weight.  I think Pilates has been really helping and I am probably losing weight but gaining baby weight so it all evens out.

Also, Happy Pi Day! (3/14)





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