21 weeks and raining like crazy

21 03 2012

Hello all!  Today marks 21 weeks, which means I am more than halfway past my pregnancy.  Right now, my baby is 10.5 inches long and 12.2 oz!  And no, my baby didn’t grow 4 inches in a week!  Apparently 21 weeks is when they start measuring the baby from head to toe, instead of head to rump.  From my ultrasound last week, this mean he grew about a half an inch!

Right now my baby is preparing his digestive system for the outside world, and also moving quite a bit now especially since there is still room in the womb.

I have been feeling great lately, main symptom is swollen feet and ankles!  I just have to prop up my feet once in a while.  My baby bump continues to get bigger, making it harder and harder to fit into t-shirts.  Currently, a men’s medium shirt is too small now!  But thankfully, I got some awesome tank tops at old navy and even though it’s still cold outside, I am wearing them since they are ultra comfy.

Bump at 21 weeks!

This weekend, we are doing quite a bit of house stuff!  On Saturday, we get to meet with Paulson’s which does all of the granite and flooring in the house.  This is really exciting!  We are going to get granite in our kitchen and hopefully in our bathrooms if it’s in the budget we are given.  I wasn’t expecting to meet with them so soon but it’s still exciting.  We also get to meet with the builder again this weekend to plan window placements in the house.  The foundation is supposed to be poured this week, and soon after, the framing will go up.  So very exciting times.

Here are some pics of our lot pre-foundation!

Lot 38!


Not much yet, but will be a house in 2 months!




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