22 weeks and swollen ankles

28 03 2012

Today is 22 weeks!  My baby boy is now about 11 inches long and 1 lb.  That’s about the size of a papaya.  He is sleeping about 12-14 hours a day, although I tend to feel him later in the day and evening, and he seems to be most active between 12:30-1 am which makes it hard to sleep!

My pregnancy symptoms have been chill lately, but I definitely get swollen ankles if I am walking or standing around alot.  Right now I feel like I have some allergies starting up, but hopefully it doesn’t hit me hard (my allergies tend to be pretty minor).  Mostly I am exhausted from a long but fun weekend.  James and I picked out our counters and flooring for our house, which was very exciting!  I can’t wait for you all to see it when it’s done.  We also met with our builder again to figure out window placements.  The foundation is up and this week they are working on plumbing and heating.  Next week the framing starts to go up!  I am so excited for that part.  They are working on two other homes on our street, one of them will probably be done in just a couple of weeks.  There are only two lots in our area that don’t have homes yet, which is very nice.

Foundation and beautiful sunny day

Not only did we do alot of house stuff this weekend, but we also went up to Seattle for the Zelda Symphony on Monday night.  It was definitely awesome, and such a unique mixing of fans.  You see, at symphonies people are supposed to wear very formal, fancy clothing, which some people did, but most were just nerds like us who wore jeans, a zelda t-shirt and maybe a minish cap.  There were a couple of people in full costume, which made it entertaining.  Alot of people brought their DS to play during intermission, and it was just awesome to see so many gamer nerds in one place.  We came home the next day, but didn’t get too much of a break since we picked up my parents at the airport later that night.  So lots of time in the car the past 2 days.  This morning I had Pilates, which felt great but after such a long, busy weekend, I am very exhausted and fighting a headache.  Hopefully I recover before youth group tonight!

So that’s been life.  Very busy, very full, very awesome.  And tiring. Here’s to napping and caffeine.




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28 03 2012

I am always amazed at how quickly they can get a house started and “up”! Excited for you!

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