26 weeks and lots o kicks.

25 04 2012

Today is 26 weeks!  This means I am very near to the 3rd trimester!  Most websites would say week 28 is the beginning of the 3rd, some say week 27.  In any case, my baby now has eye lashes!  He is also practicing his breathing, though not air, but amniotic fluid.  Baby boy is also soaking in my antibodies to develop his immune system.  I have heard a newborn and his mother have basically the same immune system because of this.  His eyes are continuing to form, and will open soon.  Baby is now around 14 inches and 1.75 lb, about the size of a head of lettuce.

My symptoms are still minor but getting more leg cramps that keep me up tonight.  Pilates and magnesium supplements have helped, but nothing works better than a heating pad right on the leg.  My joints in general have been hurting, I think because of the relaxin (a hormone that loosen ligaments in preparation for labor).  I’ve been feeling lots of kicks, twists, and squirms from baby boy, and on Sunday, James was able to feel him for the first time, which made James very giddy and happy.  Sometimes, my baby is moving so much when I lie down, it’s very hard to sleep!  He’s so extremely active, I wonder if he’ll be like this out of the womb too?

We start childbirth classes on Monday, which should be really awesome.  It will be cool to meet other moms in the community, and also learn about labor and all that fun stuff.  I’ve also met two women in my church that are due in the same week as I am.  So that means I know three women personally that are due in the same week!  That’s really neat, being able to talk to people in the same place that I am.  It’s really comforting!

House stuff is still going well.  The siding is up as well as the electrical.  It’s likely they will start sheet-rocking sometime in the next couple weeks or so. All the granite and flooring is supposed to be going in around May 15th or so, which I believe is one of the last things they do.  So at this point, it looks like they are on schedule.  This of course makes me realize how crazy close it will be until our house is finished!  Once May starts, I am making a goal for James and I that we pack one box every night or every other night.  That way, once we get to near moving day, most of the stuff will already be packed!  Besides, there’s really only a small amount of things that we use everyday, such as our electronics, clothes, and kitchen appliances.

My baby bump seems to be getting SO BIG.  Everyone around now knows for sure that I am pregnant, which is nice.  But this does make for clothes to not fit very well anymore, even my maternity ones!  I have a very long torso (and extremely short legs), and baby boy sits low so I think my bump went straight out.  I’m also fairly certain I may get an outie belly button shortly!  That would be pretty awesome.  So in regards to my drastically shrinking wardrobe, I found that yoga pants are the BEST.  I found some yoga shorts that are super light and comfortable.  I will probably wear them all summer, and probably get some summer cotton dresses too.  Basically anything made of super stretchy material.  Because sadly, even my XL maternity pants are not working for me.  I’ve never been able to find pants easily, and it seems many maternity pants just have one type of cut…which doesn’t seem to work well for my body type, sadly.  But at least there exists clothes I can wear and stay reasonable fashionable, and most importantly, comfortable and cool.

So that’s life right now.  The month is May is going to be VERY busy, with childbirth classes, young marrieds bible study, youth group, packing, Pilates, and preparing to move!  Sounds like packing parties may be in the future…I’ll provide snacks! :).




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30 04 2012

You look beautiful all pregnant! Yay to yummy snacks and packing

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