27 weeks and picking paint colors

6 05 2012

This past Wednesday I became 27 weeks along, which means I am pretty much in my 3rd trimester!  My baby is now about 14 inches long and over 2 lb.  That’s about the size of a cauliflower (for some reason they like to compare babies to veggies on all the blogs).  My boy is showing brain activity and his lungs are rapidly developing.  His immune system is getting beefier too, all to prepare for the outside world.

We started childbirth classes on Monday at our hospital.  I’ve already learned some valuable things about labor and I am excited to learn more.  My symptoms are still just aches and pains with the occasional bad headache.  Next Wednesday, I will have my glucose screening, and it will be interesting to see how I do at that.  Let’s pray for no high blood sugar!

One very exciting thing is our house is now sheetrocked!  It was awesome to go through the house on Friday and really visualize our house now that it has walls!  They will likely be doing the texturing next week and the painting after that.

So, today we went to Sherwin Williams and picked out our inside paint colors!  We already had some basic ideas and just tweaked some of them.  It is fun picking out colors and we decided to have a light green office and a light yellow nursery.  Our guest bathrooms will be light blue and the main inside color will be a tan beige.  I can’t wait to see it all come together.

House colors!

Life is busy but good.  We have alot to prepare for this month, but I don’t feel overwhelmed by it anymore.  By taking each day as its own, I am able to get done what I can on each individual day, without worrying about what I have to do in the days to come.




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