28 weeks! 3rd trimester and SUGAR RUSH

10 05 2012

Today is 28 weeks!  I am officially in the 3rd trimester!  The 3rd trimester is the shortest of the trimesters, at 12 weeks (that is, if you give birth on your due date).  My baby boy is still very healthy, moving around lots, and is at normal growth.  Baby boy’s lungs are mature enough if he were born now, there is a high chance he would survive!  Yay for lungs!  He is about 2.5 lb and 14 or so inches, which is about the size of an eggplant.

Not too many crazy symptoms except the occasional Braxton Hicks Contraction (body preparing for labor), and general aches and pains.  I am still sleeping fairly well which is great.

My baby bump at 28 weeks!

Today, I had my glucose screening.  I had heard all sorts of stories, such as people getting nauseous or the Glucola being disgusting.  But actually, surprisingly, the Glucola was delicious!  I got the lemon lime flavor, which I highly suggest.  It was basically the exact same flavor as a lemon lime Jones Soda.  I actually quite enjoyed it.  In any case, the test went well, and I was really hyper, same as my boy!  He LOVES sugar.  My doctor was barely able to get a heart rate reading because it was so hyper.  Needless to say, I didn’t pass out at the blood test and actually it was quick and easy.  I felt slightly woosy for a bit after but nothing big.  Also, my blood pressure is the lowest it’s been during the pregnancy which is a great sign, especially in the 3rd tri, so my dr was really pleased at that.

So, last post I had talked about paint colors, and it turns out we do have to pay extra for it, which is disappointing, but otherwise we would have to do all white walls/ceiling/trim, and paint everything ourselves.  We don’t exactly have the time/energy to paint the greatroom/hallways/bedrooms, so we decided to just pay it but went for the cheaper route of doing same wall color/ceiling color, which according to interior decorating sites, is all the rage right now.

So house stuff is moving along rapidly!  My mom drove by the house and it’s painted on the outside now (I’ll get pictures soon, I promise!), and they are buying the inside paint tomorrow (and possibly starting painting tomorrow as well).  So life is crazy of course, but good.  May is probably going to be our busiest month until the baby is born, with childbirth classes (2 more to go!), breastfeeding class, picking out our lights for house, youth group, young marrieds, mother’s day weekend, and dr appt’s now every 2 weeks!  Whew!  So if I seem scatterbrained, you’ll know why!  Anyways, so you can pray for our sanity in this extremely busy time!  Thank you!




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