29 weeks, sunny days and ice cream trucks

17 05 2012

Today is 29 weeks!  Yeah!  Starting to get close now!  Baby boy is about 15.25 inches long and approx 2.5 lb!  That’s about the size of a butternut squash!  (are you sick of these veggie analogies yet?) haha.  Baby boy is putting on some more fat and growing a ton after the next weeks.  He continues to move almost constantly, and today my stomach looked like a wave pool!

For me, I have to be more careful to not eat alot at once.  My stomach is getting more and more cramped, and even though I am very hungry, I have to not stuff my face!  So, it’s more frequent, smaller meals for me.  Besides that, no really new symptoms except sleep is getting less comfortable and I have almost constant joint pain at least somewhere in my body.  But all in all, I’m getting through it.

This past weekend, I got to celebrate my first mother’s day!  It was quite fun, and busy, having now 4 mothers to celebrate (if I include myself!).  Probably my favorite part was having a bonfire the day of (I asked for a bonfire, which means a really big fire…when i really meant a campfire, and my mom went all out in preparing her dead trees to burn…).  In any case, it was chaotic and awesome all at the same time.  Needless to say, I was blessed to be able to celebrating with all my mothers, and they are so kind and sweet!  I love them.

Run away! Branches caught on fire! The BONFIRE

House stuff is progressing very smoothly.  Today, I stopped by and saw cabinets, a driveway, a porch, and patio!  They did all this since seeing it Sunday!  Oh and since the last update, they’ve also painted inside!  I don’t have great pictures yet of the painted rooms yet, but I’ll get some soon.  One of the BEST things about today was seeing the ICE CREAM TRUCK drive in my new street.  It has been a lifetime dream of mine to live in a neighborhood with ice cream truck capabilities (I’ve grown up in rural areas all my life).  So that was pretty much super epic.

Besides house stuff and mother’s day, James and I have been attending childbirth classes.  Those have been really informative and really helpful!  I have a much better idea of labor and the choices available to me.  We’ll conclude those classes next week, along with a 4 hour breast feeding class (yes…James is attending…but I gave him full permission to play games on his iPad during the class).  Next week I’ll also have another doctor’s appt, since those are every 2 weeks now.  Whew, so next week will be BUSY!  Oh and throw in 2 pilates classes, packing, and youth group to the mix :).  But the next few days should be more chill, with nothing schedule during the day or evening!  It’s a miracle!  Haha.

So that’s life right now.  Having a baby, building a house, moving in 3.5 weeks or so.  Yup.  Getting 2 huge life changers going on in the same summer.  That’s how we roll.





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