30 weeks, and 2 more weeks of apartment living

24 05 2012

Wow, 30 weeks!  Both my nurse and dr said yesterday, “you’re on the home stretch!”  I don’t quite feel that way, since the craziness is just beginning with packing and moving in just 2 weeks!  Baby boy is now about 15.7 inches and 2.75-3 lbs.  That’s about the size of a long cucumber!  He is also now strong enough to grasp a finger and the brain is continuing to develop!

No new symptoms for me, just more emotional/stressed with packing and moving.  It’s definitely fun getting bigger each week, more people realizing I am pregnant, and also pregnancy aging me so I don’t think 15 anymore.  All wonderful things :).  This week has been one of our busiest, because we finished up all the baby related classes, plus another dr appt.  James was such a trooper and went to every class!  I’m so proud of him for being so interested in babyness, even to the point of attending a 4 hour breastfeeding class with me.  Which by the way, I highly recommend, as it was really informative!

My glucose levels were perfectly normal as well as my iron!  I am gaining just the right amount of weight and my blood pressure is still in a good range.  I think all the Pilates/Packing is really helping me not gain any unnecessary weight and keeping my BP down.  My boy is super extremely active, and I’m pretty sure he inherited my sharp elbows.  One very exciting thing is physically seeing his movement, even through my shirt!  It’s hilarious and I call it a “wave pool”

As for the house, it’s going extremely well.  The trim is getting done today, and painting is getting done tomorrow!  The electrical will finish next week.  So, it’s really possible we are moving on the weekend of the 8th!  Which is super crazy and exciting.  James and I both alternate being strong/overwhelmed, so we are doing well at comforting each other in this crazy time.  My pregnancy hormones are going insane, because I either have extreme nesting abilities or have fatigue/emotional.  I think for James, it really hit him how close we were to moving in when the granite came into our kitchen and bathrooms.  He was so giddy!  It was hilarious!  We also decided that building a house is probably the best anniversary gift ever (our anniversary is just weeks after we move in).  It will be one epic anniversary spending it in our new house! (as opposed to last year, spending half of it with middle schoolers at camp…what a big change!)

Beyond house/baby stuff, we are also stepping down from youth group next week.  We both felt it was time to take a break and focus on moving and having a baby.  The other day, we realized that both of us have been involved with youth ministry in some way for the past 8 years!  I am excited to see where God takes us.  One thing I’m stoked about is living in a neighborhood for the first time in my life.  It will be awesome to invite people over to our house and get to know them!  We’ve already met a few of our neighbors and they seem really cool.  I also heard there will be some new moms in neighborhood and it will be neat to meet them!  So it will be a different and new experience for me.  We’ll still go to the marriage ministry potlucks and young marrieds stuff.  I am excited to start the ministry of the home.  To me, that’s raising my baby, bonding with my husband, and bonding with other young parents in the community.  I also can’t wait to do some more math tutoring once I get used to this whole parenting thing :).

You guys can be praying for James and I, for the move to go well, and for our baby to continue to grow strong.  Also pray that we are able to get some rest in July before the baby comes and our lives change forever.  Love you all and thanks for your continued support of our lives!





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24 05 2012

NEXT WEEK?!? I had no idea you were stepping down that quickly! Though I completely understand with everything happening so quickly… :o)
The pics of James are great – I don’t think I’ve ever seen him grin that HUGE before! Awesome! Love you two!

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