31 weeks! and moving so soon!

31 05 2012

Yesterday was 31 weeks!  Baby is about 16ish inches and 3.5 or so lb.  That’s about the size of a pineapple!  Which I love!  Baby boy is doing more brain and nerve development, and his eyes can even react to light now!

Life is pretty dang crazy right now (i know, i’ve been saying that for months now!).  But it’s all gonna slow down in a couple weeks (then speed up again a month after that).  Last weekend, we did the bulk of our packing!  It went well, except I strained myself a bit and spent the next few days in pain.  Thankfully, my body recovered!  Sleeping is definitely harder these days, and I wake up every morning very stiff.  Despite my aches and pains, I’m pleased to say that my baby is very healthy!  Which is really all that matters.

Needless to say, packing is continuing, as well as trying to sell stuff on craigslist and giving stuff to Goodwill.  It’s really reminded me how I need to stop buying 2-5 dollar trinkets that just fill up my drawers and closets.  And it also reminds me how little I really need, in reality.  So the organizing/packing/making crazy decisions for house has been the hardest part.  Cause really, unpacking will just be easy, especially with all the awesome help I will have (and if you feel compelled to help, that would be wonderful).

This past week, I had my 5 year heart check up (i have a mild heart defect) and everything checked out well.  They were even able to check on my baby’s heart and from what they can tell, it’s normal!  So that is very comforting.   So lots of appointments for me.  3 weeks in a row I will have them, lol.  I passed my glucose screening and my iron levels are normal.  So in all reality, my pregnancy is going well from a medical standpoint.  Just wish I wasn’t so emotional all the time these days!!!

This week was also our last for being youth group leaders.  It was very bittersweet, as I have enjoyed being in youth ministry at Crossroads for the past 2 years, but James and I knew it was time to step down and focus on family and community.  I realized this morning I’ve been involved in youth ministry as a leader for 1/3 of my life!  Which is really significant.  I’m excited for this new season of being homeowners and first time parents.  It will be a different environment, and it will be neat to see where God takes us with it.  I envision lots of playdates, neighborhood block parties, and meeting lots of new people in our housing development!

Well, it’s time to do more packing/cleaning/eating.  Let me know if you would like to help in the moving or unpacking process (shoot me an email or text).  Looks like it’ll likely be weekend of june 8th depending on when we close the house!




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