My house has grass! and a tree!

4 06 2012

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It’s really the simple things in life.  And yes, our house is verrrrrrry nearing the end of completion!  The landscaping went in this weekend, with just some final touches to make it finished.  We were informed the sinks and the carpet will be going in tomorrow, and after that, it’s pretty much touchups and clean up.  We are hoping to close on Friday, with move in on Saturday!  It’s a high probability everything will go through by then, if the inspection goes well on Wednesday.  So for those of you who can/want to help, mark your calendar for Saturday!  We’ll need some strong people for the loading/unloading of the moving truck, and then some organized minded people to help with unpacking/organizing on the other end (our new house!).  If you aren’t strong or organized, still come, cause I’m sure we’ll find a job for ya :).

So, our life has been consumed with packing like crazy!  We are about 90% done now, basically we are at the point where we have only kept stuff out we are still using (bed, couch, tv, kitchen stuff).  Each day this week, we’ll pack even more as we’ll need less as the week goes on.

It also is crazy that we have nothing schedule for this week’s evenings!  And by scheduled, nothing that we have/must attend such as a small group or a class.  Sure, we might get out of the house for a bit so we don’t get crazy by our box city we’ve created in our apartment.  It will be awesome to have a lighter schedule once we move in, to rest up before baby comes and life becomes a sleep-deprived, baby adventure!

That’s life right now :).




One response

4 06 2012

Woo-HOOOOO! How exciting! The grass & tree totally transform the look – from ‘house’ to ‘HOME’! Excited for you!

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