32 weeks and closed on house!

7 06 2012

Yesterday was 32 weeks, which is totally awesome!  My baby is now about 16.7 inches long and 3.75 lb.  Baby boy is gaining more fat and getting real hair over the next few weeks.  I have another dr appt today, which I am happy for, since it will distract me from waiting to move.

Speaking of moving, the day is finally approaching!  We closed on the house!  Haven’t gotten the keys quite yet since we are awaiting our final walkthrough.  The painters still needed to finish touch up (and finish painting the nursery which they had neglected to finish these past 3 weeks…sigh) and the cleaning crew will be finishing up tomorrow.  So we’ll get our final walkthrough tomorrow afternoon and with that, the KEYS!

We are hoping to move a few small things over on Friday evening, and maybe even set up the speakers! We are also getting internet tomorrow!!!  Our awesome friend (while on vacation) is getting one of the coworker comcast people to come out and install, which is so great!  Of course, us Van Boxtel’s would have internet set up before we even moved in.  We’re nerds.

It’s also dumping down rain right now, which I really hope is not the weather for Saturday.  Moving+torrential downpour does not sound fun.  I am sort of going stir crazy at the apartment, since we’ve got like everything we could possibly pack up and do at the moment.  But I’ll do some shopping for food and supplies to have on move in day.  I also have my dr appt, as I said today, so I’ll at least have that as well to keep my mind elsewhere.

I’m also getting nervous for the move, overanalyzing and even making up a general itinerary for the move.  It must be the nesting in me!  I just hope we have enough help!  I am sure we will, but it’s always nerve wracking.  I just wish I could actually move boxes and stuff.  I feel so lame just having to do light unpacking and directing.  I’ve always been a strong person, and love to show my strength by lifting heavy things, but I just can’t do that being so pregnant.  I don’t wanna pull out my back or hips and be on bedrest for the last 2 months of pregnancy, now that would be a huge bummer.  So I must calm down, be patient, and let people help me.

Exciting and crazy times.  Can’t wait for a few weeks from now when we’ve settled in…just in time to get the nursery ready =P





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