33 weeks, and all moved in!

15 06 2012

It’s just been a week since we signed the closing papers, and we are quite settled!  It’s totally awesome!  The move went so incredibly well.  We had tons of people helping, and we got everything moved over in about 3 hours!  What’s great too is people stayed around to help unpack!  We actually had the whole kitchen unpacked by the time the moving truck came, since I took a load of stuff to the house first thing.  Another amazing thing is we had people setting up our speakers, tv stand, and ottoman!  So by the time we went to bed that night, almost the whole house was already unpacked!  Many hands make light work, as my family as always said.

Back to babyness, I am now 33 weeks along!  Only 4 weeks until full-term, and 3 weeks after that until my due date!  We are slowly getting the nursery together, thankfully it was already painted before we moved in (actually they finished painting it just minutes before our final walkthrough!)  We are getting our crib soon and also painting the dresser we got this weekend!  We also hung up some wall decals.  Basically our theme is just colorfulness.  So we have some colorful owls wall decals and a giraffe/monkey height chart!  Fun stuff.

I think my baby is in the process of dropping lower, as I can eat/breathe better but I definitely have the “pregnancy waddle”  and especially at nights, I feel as if my hips are pulling apart!  But beyond that, I am feeling well and just enjoying being in my new house.  I should make a house tour video soon and post it to here!  I hope most of you can all come see it soon anyways 🙂

There isn’t much more to say but that I am incredibly thankful for the community of friends and family that I have.  It’s been a whirlwind of life these past few months, and I am so thankful for several weeks of rest and relaxation before the baby comes!  Then it’ll be crrrrrazy!  But so excited to meet my little boy.  Yay!




One response

15 06 2012

Exciting! Exciting! Happy you’re feeling so settled so quickly – what a blessing!
Love you both!

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