34 weeks and settled in

20 06 2012

Yeah, approximately 6 weeks until my due date! And anyone’s guess to when the baby will actually arrive! Found an article that studied about 1000 first time moms and 57% of them had the baby on or before the due date, so really, so it can go either way!  One of my good friends just had her first baby 3 weeks early, so that’s motivating me more to get the nursery ready and start preparing the hospital bag and what not.

We just went to a pediatric open house which was very informative.  I am excited to go with that clinic, considering it’s nearby and actually next door to my OB dr’s office, which is very handy!  On Sunday, we have our pre-registration class for the hospital, and we’ll get a tour of the family birth center and fill out all the necessary forms.  After that, all I’ll have left is the dr’s appointments which will become weekly in my last month.

Baby boy is now around 4.75 lb and almost 18 inches!  I was just slightly heavier when I was born!  Pretty amazing that my baby is basically the size of when I was born, but still has 6 weeks!  I feel like he dropped farther into my pelvis about a week ago, and boy that was very uncomfortable, haha.  I am more used to it now, and between swimming and Pilates, my body is fairing well!

34 week baby bump!

We are just about completely settled into our house!  Only room not done is the nursery, and my parents just ordered us a crib!  Can’t wait to see it.  James also finished painting the dresser and we’ll have that put in the nursery by this weekend.  We even have decorated our backyard, and James bought a push mower!  We are sooo homeowners.  It’s amazing how becoming a homeowner makes you actually enjoy going to Home Depot =P.

Blue dresser!

Mowing the lawn 🙂

Patriotic decorations

Two homes behind us are getting their framing, and hopefully they’ll get started on the house next to us and across from us soon.  It would be awesome if they got all the framing done on all those houses before the baby is born, considering that’s the loudest part of the build.  Thankfully, our house is well insulated so with the windows closed we don’t get too much sound.

So that’s life for us right now, enjoying being homeowners and being so stoked for our baby to come!




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