37 weeks means…full term!

12 07 2012

Yesterday marked an important milestone in the pregnancy!  Full term!  This means that the baby has developed his crucial functions, in other words, the baby could come now and have little to no problems adjusting to the new world.  However, these next few weeks are important in building up more fat and strength.  Baby boy is about the size of a winter melon, and could be anywhere from 18-20 inches and 6-9 lbs.

My false labor contractions have slowed to where I only get them once or twice a day.  All the excitement from last week has calmed down and now he’s settling into the womb for a couple more weeks (or so I assume).  The nursery is getting more and more ready!  We have the crib, dresser, changing pad, clothes washed and put away, and diapers, wipes, etc all organized.  Only two things left is a swing and a bassinet, which we are hopefully getting this weekend.

Not too much else to report this week except that my baby shower went very well, and it was awesome to receive all the love and support from our family and friends.  I got to see a couple of old friends and it was awesome.  Only things left to do before baby comes is finish my thank you cards and maintain the household chores!

Oh and I also got my maternity pictures done by my sister in law, Erika!  They are very beautiful and fun.  I’ll post a few here and then my current baby bump picture.

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baby bump at 37 weeks





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