38+ weeks and lacking sleep

20 07 2012

I am currently at 38 weeks, 2 days, and definitely ready for this baby to come :).  My baby boy should be measuring anywhere from about 6 to 9 lb and 18-20 inches.  That’s about the size of a pumpkin!  Which is crazy.  He’s still developing more fat and having more brain development.  He could come at any time at this point, though it really just depends on him!

My body is getting just hammered with Braxton Hicks contractions and other, less pleasant symptoms which I won’t mention here.  The past four nights have been rough sleeping wise, waking up to contractions and hips locking up (making it very hard to get out of bed throughout the night!).  But thankfully, some of the other signs I am having show a progression toward labor (though not imminent labor), I know my body is getting closer and closer to that point, which is encouraging!

Exhaustion is mostly what I feel today, due to the constant contractions and lack of sleep.  I am definitely not in nesting mode at all, my body is way too tired for that.  So the name of the game today is to distract myself and try to make the most out of waiting.  Tonight, we are going to BBQ steaks on our new BBQ which should be a lot of fun.  Tomorrow, there’s a cool Firefighter Charity event at a main park here and it sounds like tons of fun, so we’ll probably hit that up too for a good distraction.

Another thing I’ll be doing is continuing to walk!  It will help keep my endurance up and also possibly progress me further toward labor.

Had my most recent dr appt on Wednesday, nothing much to report except that my BP went back down and my baby has dropped even more (which I could kind of tell from the crazy amount of pelvic pressure I’ve been having lately).  So, just waiting it out and trying to relax and rest for the big day!




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