Talk to your baby!

9 05 2013

I go shopping with Theo often (trying to get in as much as possible before he becomes a typical boy), and I notice something that strikes me as sad and odd.  When I go shopping, or wherever I am with Theo, I talk to him.  I sing to him.  I coo at him, smile and laugh.  I notice that hardly anyone else does this with their babies and even toddlers.  Actually, those people tend to look at me oddly at the fact that I am singing to my baby in the store.

Many friends, family, and even my doctor have noticed how socially interactive Theo is and how he easily reacts to smiles and voices directed at him.  I am almost certain this is because I am constantly speaking to him.  Even in the womb, I sang and talked to him like he was a normal person.  The fact is, your baby understands alot more than most people would assume.  At first, they may only recognize your tone, and by 8 months or so, your baby will know words as well.  For example, Theo knows the words “puffs” (his baby snack), “bottle”, “dad”, “mom”, “grandma”, “grandpa”, and “Elmo”.  He gets excited when I mentioned of any these words, especially if my tone is cheerful and sing songy.

Especially as a stay at home mom, Theo is my constant companion at home.  I am a talker, so talking with Theo is extremely easy and fun.  I love seeing his reaction to what I am saying.  I love that when people smile at him, he smiles back, and if it’s someone he knows well, he laughs and babbles.  

I think it’s incredibly important to talk to your babies.  Sing with them in the store.  Don’t be ashamed if people give you odd looks.  It’s sad when they completely ignore their babies in the store, even little newborns that are screaming their heads off.  Babies are people too, and they thrive on relationship.  You’ll find out that it’s so fun and rewarding to get interaction from your baby because of your talking with them.  It will not only help their language development, but also bring you two closer together.  




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9 05 2013
ann bryan

Well written, Tessa! Good advice. Theo is a very lucky boy to have you as a mother!

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