One year olds are FUN!

12 09 2013

My son is now 13 months, and he is such a joy to be around.  He’s so interactive, loves chatting it up in babbles, and enjoys playing with his playground ball.  This is such a fun age!  I keep saying how I love the current age for this reason or that, and what’s awesome and is just keeps getting better!

My son has such a good schedule, takes a 2-3 hour nap everyday, sleeps 12 hours at night.  I love spending each day with him, and honestly miss him if I’m away for a few hours, and I especially missed him when we went on a much needed vacation for three days.

I try to imagine life pre-baby, and it’s hard to.  I remember that I was quite bored/lonely during the day, and I knew I wanted a daily companion while my husband worked.  My son is such a great friend, even at his early age.  He certainly keeps me on my toes, learning to climb on top of his new table, learning to open the tv cabinet and turn on the Xbox, and even now taking a few steps here and there.  It keeps life very exciting, and I rarely have a dull moment!

I have been blessed with a very chill toddler, who only fusses if he’s teething or hungry.  He’s extremely content playing by himself, but also loves playing pass the ball and peekaboo.  Because of his calm demeanor, I often am able to pursue my own hobbies, be it gaming or blogging or rock climbing.  In fact, we have been bringing him to rock climbing and today he learned to pull himself up and climb a hold!  I’m stoked to start him in classes such as swimming and soccer as he is such an active boy that loves being around other children.

To those of my friends who are still in the infant/high maintenance stage, know that your baby will soon be able to talk with you (in babbles), laugh with you, play with you, and become such a fun little person to be around.  I remember those newborn months, what a struggle and yet a joy it can be to see their little bodies grow into toddlers.  You may feel like you won’t get any sleep for the next 18 years or that you won’t ever get to have a date night with your husband or go on vacation, but it’s really only such a short time in your and their  life when they are so needy and require so much one on one attention.

One day, not too long from now, you’ll be teaching your little one to walk, to talk, to become more and more independent.  I never thought I would get to this point of good sleep, time to pursue my hobbies, time to enjoy life with my son and husband.  That day is here for me, and I cherish it because it’s the best thing ever to give one small smile to your baby and they crack up laughing.




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13 09 2013

What an encouragement you are to your friends! What you say is so truth – the time of “neediness” as an infant goes by so quickly! Once they develop even just a little bit of independence, it changes everyone’s lives. Love reading your updates my friend!

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