37 weeks means…full term!

12 07 2012

Yesterday marked an important milestone in the pregnancy!  Full term!  This means that the baby has developed his crucial functions, in other words, the baby could come now and have little to no problems adjusting to the new world.  However, these next few weeks are important in building up more fat and strength.  Baby boy is about the size of a winter melon, and could be anywhere from 18-20 inches and 6-9 lbs.

My false labor contractions have slowed to where I only get them once or twice a day.  All the excitement from last week has calmed down and now he’s settling into the womb for a couple more weeks (or so I assume).  The nursery is getting more and more ready!  We have the crib, dresser, changing pad, clothes washed and put away, and diapers, wipes, etc all organized.  Only two things left is a swing and a bassinet, which we are hopefully getting this weekend.

Not too much else to report this week except that my baby shower went very well, and it was awesome to receive all the love and support from our family and friends.  I got to see a couple of old friends and it was awesome.  Only things left to do before baby comes is finish my thank you cards and maintain the household chores!

Oh and I also got my maternity pictures done by my sister in law, Erika!  They are very beautiful and fun.  I’ll post a few here and then my current baby bump picture.

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baby bump at 37 weeks



35-36 weeks and lovely false labor

3 07 2012

I forgot to write a post last week!  It’s been a busy past few days :).  I am just about 36 weeks now, and my body is continuing to get closer to labor.  My baby is now about 18.75 inches and 5.75 lb, which is the weight and height of me when I was born, so it’s pretty amazing thinking my baby is as big as I was at birth!

On Friday night, (after watching some epic fireworks), I woke up around 2:30 am feeling horrible!  I was in a lot of pain and half awake and thirsty, but my pelvis hurt so much that I couldn’t get up to go get more water.  James woke up to realize I was struggling and got me some water.  But I was having some intense contractions that I couldn’t speak through, so we called the on-call dr and they told us to come in (since I wasn’t at 37 weeks yet).  I got monitored for a few hours at the hospital, and it turns out they were false labor contractions, made worse by my dehydration and low blood sugar.  My BP had jumped up a bit too, so they kept me there for about 2 hours just to see how I was doing.  They also checked me and turns out I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, so my body is definitely preparing for the big day!  They sent me back home, and let me know at this point, the baby can come at any time and even though I am a week from full term, they wouldn’t stop my labor if it started.

The next day, I felt pretty good and made sure to soak in the tub to help my pelvic pain, which really helped.  After another night of crazy fireworks (and one falling over and shooting at the house, which resulted in me, my mom, and nieces totally freaking out and running inside), I had some pretty intense Braxton Hicks combined with my pelvis hurting so bad I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom!  That was very unpleasant, and to make things even more crazy, I woke up twice throughout the night feeling like I had the stomach flu, combined with another intense contraction.  Definitely not fun!  Amazingly, the next day I felt good, mainly because I rested most of the day and drank lots of water.  And I slept well last night!  W00t.

So, it’s been a crazy few days, but I am comforted to know that it’s just part of my body getting closer to the big day!  And now I know what false labor feels like (definitely more intense than I thought it would be), so I can stay calm and just breathe through them.  And thankfully, they occur only a few times a day now.

In other news, firework season is here!  Which means lots of awesome hanging out with friends and family.  It should be a fun next few days of fellowship!

34 weeks and settled in

20 06 2012

Yeah, approximately 6 weeks until my due date! And anyone’s guess to when the baby will actually arrive! Found an article that studied about 1000 first time moms and 57% of them had the baby on or before the due date, so really, so it can go either way!  One of my good friends just had her first baby 3 weeks early, so that’s motivating me more to get the nursery ready and start preparing the hospital bag and what not.

We just went to a pediatric open house which was very informative.  I am excited to go with that clinic, considering it’s nearby and actually next door to my OB dr’s office, which is very handy!  On Sunday, we have our pre-registration class for the hospital, and we’ll get a tour of the family birth center and fill out all the necessary forms.  After that, all I’ll have left is the dr’s appointments which will become weekly in my last month.

Baby boy is now around 4.75 lb and almost 18 inches!  I was just slightly heavier when I was born!  Pretty amazing that my baby is basically the size of when I was born, but still has 6 weeks!  I feel like he dropped farther into my pelvis about a week ago, and boy that was very uncomfortable, haha.  I am more used to it now, and between swimming and Pilates, my body is fairing well!

34 week baby bump!

We are just about completely settled into our house!  Only room not done is the nursery, and my parents just ordered us a crib!  Can’t wait to see it.  James also finished painting the dresser and we’ll have that put in the nursery by this weekend.  We even have decorated our backyard, and James bought a push mower!  We are sooo homeowners.  It’s amazing how becoming a homeowner makes you actually enjoy going to Home Depot =P.

Blue dresser!

Mowing the lawn 🙂

Patriotic decorations

Two homes behind us are getting their framing, and hopefully they’ll get started on the house next to us and across from us soon.  It would be awesome if they got all the framing done on all those houses before the baby is born, considering that’s the loudest part of the build.  Thankfully, our house is well insulated so with the windows closed we don’t get too much sound.

So that’s life for us right now, enjoying being homeowners and being so stoked for our baby to come!

33 weeks, and all moved in!

15 06 2012

It’s just been a week since we signed the closing papers, and we are quite settled!  It’s totally awesome!  The move went so incredibly well.  We had tons of people helping, and we got everything moved over in about 3 hours!  What’s great too is people stayed around to help unpack!  We actually had the whole kitchen unpacked by the time the moving truck came, since I took a load of stuff to the house first thing.  Another amazing thing is we had people setting up our speakers, tv stand, and ottoman!  So by the time we went to bed that night, almost the whole house was already unpacked!  Many hands make light work, as my family as always said.

Back to babyness, I am now 33 weeks along!  Only 4 weeks until full-term, and 3 weeks after that until my due date!  We are slowly getting the nursery together, thankfully it was already painted before we moved in (actually they finished painting it just minutes before our final walkthrough!)  We are getting our crib soon and also painting the dresser we got this weekend!  We also hung up some wall decals.  Basically our theme is just colorfulness.  So we have some colorful owls wall decals and a giraffe/monkey height chart!  Fun stuff.

I think my baby is in the process of dropping lower, as I can eat/breathe better but I definitely have the “pregnancy waddle”  and especially at nights, I feel as if my hips are pulling apart!  But beyond that, I am feeling well and just enjoying being in my new house.  I should make a house tour video soon and post it to here!  I hope most of you can all come see it soon anyways 🙂

There isn’t much more to say but that I am incredibly thankful for the community of friends and family that I have.  It’s been a whirlwind of life these past few months, and I am so thankful for several weeks of rest and relaxation before the baby comes!  Then it’ll be crrrrrazy!  But so excited to meet my little boy.  Yay!

32 weeks and closed on house!

7 06 2012

Yesterday was 32 weeks, which is totally awesome!  My baby is now about 16.7 inches long and 3.75 lb.  Baby boy is gaining more fat and getting real hair over the next few weeks.  I have another dr appt today, which I am happy for, since it will distract me from waiting to move.

Speaking of moving, the day is finally approaching!  We closed on the house!  Haven’t gotten the keys quite yet since we are awaiting our final walkthrough.  The painters still needed to finish touch up (and finish painting the nursery which they had neglected to finish these past 3 weeks…sigh) and the cleaning crew will be finishing up tomorrow.  So we’ll get our final walkthrough tomorrow afternoon and with that, the KEYS!

We are hoping to move a few small things over on Friday evening, and maybe even set up the speakers! We are also getting internet tomorrow!!!  Our awesome friend (while on vacation) is getting one of the coworker comcast people to come out and install, which is so great!  Of course, us Van Boxtel’s would have internet set up before we even moved in.  We’re nerds.

It’s also dumping down rain right now, which I really hope is not the weather for Saturday.  Moving+torrential downpour does not sound fun.  I am sort of going stir crazy at the apartment, since we’ve got like everything we could possibly pack up and do at the moment.  But I’ll do some shopping for food and supplies to have on move in day.  I also have my dr appt, as I said today, so I’ll at least have that as well to keep my mind elsewhere.

I’m also getting nervous for the move, overanalyzing and even making up a general itinerary for the move.  It must be the nesting in me!  I just hope we have enough help!  I am sure we will, but it’s always nerve wracking.  I just wish I could actually move boxes and stuff.  I feel so lame just having to do light unpacking and directing.  I’ve always been a strong person, and love to show my strength by lifting heavy things, but I just can’t do that being so pregnant.  I don’t wanna pull out my back or hips and be on bedrest for the last 2 months of pregnancy, now that would be a huge bummer.  So I must calm down, be patient, and let people help me.

Exciting and crazy times.  Can’t wait for a few weeks from now when we’ve settled in…just in time to get the nursery ready =P


My house has grass! and a tree!

4 06 2012

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It’s really the simple things in life.  And yes, our house is verrrrrrry nearing the end of completion!  The landscaping went in this weekend, with just some final touches to make it finished.  We were informed the sinks and the carpet will be going in tomorrow, and after that, it’s pretty much touchups and clean up.  We are hoping to close on Friday, with move in on Saturday!  It’s a high probability everything will go through by then, if the inspection goes well on Wednesday.  So for those of you who can/want to help, mark your calendar for Saturday!  We’ll need some strong people for the loading/unloading of the moving truck, and then some organized minded people to help with unpacking/organizing on the other end (our new house!).  If you aren’t strong or organized, still come, cause I’m sure we’ll find a job for ya :).

So, our life has been consumed with packing like crazy!  We are about 90% done now, basically we are at the point where we have only kept stuff out we are still using (bed, couch, tv, kitchen stuff).  Each day this week, we’ll pack even more as we’ll need less as the week goes on.

It also is crazy that we have nothing schedule for this week’s evenings!  And by scheduled, nothing that we have/must attend such as a small group or a class.  Sure, we might get out of the house for a bit so we don’t get crazy by our box city we’ve created in our apartment.  It will be awesome to have a lighter schedule once we move in, to rest up before baby comes and life becomes a sleep-deprived, baby adventure!

That’s life right now :).

31 weeks! and moving so soon!

31 05 2012

Yesterday was 31 weeks!  Baby is about 16ish inches and 3.5 or so lb.  That’s about the size of a pineapple!  Which I love!  Baby boy is doing more brain and nerve development, and his eyes can even react to light now!

Life is pretty dang crazy right now (i know, i’ve been saying that for months now!).  But it’s all gonna slow down in a couple weeks (then speed up again a month after that).  Last weekend, we did the bulk of our packing!  It went well, except I strained myself a bit and spent the next few days in pain.  Thankfully, my body recovered!  Sleeping is definitely harder these days, and I wake up every morning very stiff.  Despite my aches and pains, I’m pleased to say that my baby is very healthy!  Which is really all that matters.

Needless to say, packing is continuing, as well as trying to sell stuff on craigslist and giving stuff to Goodwill.  It’s really reminded me how I need to stop buying 2-5 dollar trinkets that just fill up my drawers and closets.  And it also reminds me how little I really need, in reality.  So the organizing/packing/making crazy decisions for house has been the hardest part.  Cause really, unpacking will just be easy, especially with all the awesome help I will have (and if you feel compelled to help, that would be wonderful).

This past week, I had my 5 year heart check up (i have a mild heart defect) and everything checked out well.  They were even able to check on my baby’s heart and from what they can tell, it’s normal!  So that is very comforting.   So lots of appointments for me.  3 weeks in a row I will have them, lol.  I passed my glucose screening and my iron levels are normal.  So in all reality, my pregnancy is going well from a medical standpoint.  Just wish I wasn’t so emotional all the time these days!!!

This week was also our last for being youth group leaders.  It was very bittersweet, as I have enjoyed being in youth ministry at Crossroads for the past 2 years, but James and I knew it was time to step down and focus on family and community.  I realized this morning I’ve been involved in youth ministry as a leader for 1/3 of my life!  Which is really significant.  I’m excited for this new season of being homeowners and first time parents.  It will be a different environment, and it will be neat to see where God takes us with it.  I envision lots of playdates, neighborhood block parties, and meeting lots of new people in our housing development!

Well, it’s time to do more packing/cleaning/eating.  Let me know if you would like to help in the moving or unpacking process (shoot me an email or text).  Looks like it’ll likely be weekend of june 8th depending on when we close the house!